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Lane Cove
NSW Australia | 2018


Lillah melds the authentic DNA of Middle Eastern food with the gathering of friends and family.


The space design celebrates not just one culture from the region but is informed by many different motifs throughout the Middle East and even extending to North Africa. The central dining area for example was inspired by the lead designer’s travels around Morocco. The skylight mimics an open courtyard with high walls, ivy covered arabesque forms and terracotta hues often seen in traditional Moroccan houses or ‘Riads’.


The overall colour palette was inspired by explorations into Old Jeddah in the heart of Saudi Arabia. In order to transcend ancient architecture and create a contemporary interior, the traditional silhouettes were formed by modern finishes like powder coated white steel. Mashrabiya screens were created out of woven brass and the flooring was buffed to reveal a honed concrete finish. The result is an interior which is warm, spiced and social. The lighting scheme offers a minimal and contemporary layer, showering the space in a soft warm glow. Lillah presents a humble dining experience in a paired back setting that’s subliminally ancient yet contemporaneously refined.