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106 Hardware St,
VIC Australia | 3000


Bold. Warm. Aged. Mjolner’s Medieval Nordic-inspired interior is a trip back in time to a period when Vikings ruled the high seas.


Equipped with hunting knives and drinking horns, Mjolner allows guests to drink and dine like true Vikings with a modern twist amidst a moody and majestic interior filled with museum-grade Viking artifacts and natural materials. Entering through a large hand-carved timber door, past a Viking ship bow the space is divided into two zones – a Dining Chamber upstairs and a Drinking Hall below street level. Defined by a floor to ceiling chain curtain imprinted with an Odin motif and an oversized cured meats cutting zone, the Dining Chamber is immersive with Nordic elements – bleached timber finishes, light concrete render, natural leathers and exposed bricks with only light paint accents. The downstairs Drinking Hall plays homage to the festive after the feast in a moody, darker, warmer space much like a cellar.

Photography: Brook James