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VIC Australia | 2019


Jewel tones reign supreme in a petite and tranquil display for refined bridal jewelry.


Reigne are experts in diamonds and precious gems. They design and curate modern collections of handcrafted, collectible fine jewellery pieces that deliver the perfect balance between timeless and modern luxury. Studio Y. created a space for the jewellers inside Melbourne's historic Royal Arcade that oozes high-end artistic splendor. Deep Sapphire hues are framed in Victorian cornicing and details to balance the design between contemporary and classic. Bold archways provide a commanding focal point for the delicate pieces on display that are artfully contrasted by blush velvet armchairs for private consultations. A custom floor rug ties in the palette throughout with hints of rose gold accents and deep wine reds.  Drama is created by the evocative Cot D’Azur stone in the shopfront display, while the intriguing interior displays are balanced by the deep blue and white paneling throughout.