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80 Collins St.
VIC Australia | 3000


“Nick and Nora’s translates the scene of a classic film noir and catapults it into the 21st century. Velvet surfaces, smoky detective dining spaces and walnut timber paneling all work together to create an opulent environment that’s both mystifying and seductive.


We were briefed with a film, and that’s where it all started. Nick and Nora’s was based around W.S Van Dyke’s 1934 film ‘The Thin Mans’ main protagonists, aptly named Nick and Nora. Enshrining ourselves in film noir and an era of opulence between the two world wars, we were tasked to create a space that would feel like you stepped into the world of our crime fiction heroes. It was to be a cocktail bar that borders on art deco set design.


The result is a space that nods to 1920’s hotel luxe, with at the same time adapting it to contemporary design. Brass detailing, Verde stone and walnut paneling builds the space whereas traditional accents like tiffany lighting and fluted glass helps create the scene. Hand made stained glass wall sconces were shipped from France to exude authenticity and each texture and material was carefully considered as a genuine hallmark of the era. All of the velvet upholstery has been vertically channel tufted and furniture supplied by James Richardson have been matched with the same fabrics.

Photography : Brook James