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Little Bourke Street
VIC Australia | 2021


Located in the Theatre District at the top end of the Melbourne CBD, PDCO underwent a six-month renovation and has emerged a space that will undoubtedly play host to a relaxed but lively crowd when it opens Wednesday 10th November. The 100-seater is divided into comfortable banquets, bar seating, high tops and an impressive shared table that doubles as a private dining room, featuring an iced oyster well running its length.

Bathed in natural light from the Little Bourke street facing façade, PDCO’s high concrete ceilings are fitted with stylish drapery ensuring that while lively, the venue is never uncomfortably noisy. Wooden panelling, textured motifs and soft furnishings adorn the cohesive space while the stunning bar, synonymous with the group’s other venues (they also own Eau-de-Vie, Nick & Nora’s, Boilermaker House and Mjolner) takes centre stage.

Photography : Pete Dillon