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Sydney Australia | 2021


Designed to be authentically Australian, the concept of Sydney Football Stadium was inspired by the world of Australian football and the Australian landscape. Although separate worlds, both examples celebrate and showcase a sense of pride towards local offerings, whether it be the produce of the vendors, or the sporting talents. 

The curved structure is strong and confident, sitting proudly alongside the contemporary, cutting-edge structure of the stadium, however, upon closer inspection, the roofline indicates a more modest approach. The exposed timber rafters and pitched corrugated roof resemble the hardworking shearing sheds of rural Australia, a true testament to Australian farming culture and the pride that is taken in local produce and supply. 

The curved shape imitates the form of the 21st century football stadium whilst simultaneously integrating the existing Morton Bay Fig tree that is the central monument, blending the line between outdoor and indoor spaces with a lush grassy patch for picnics and children to play. Materials such as timber, brick, corrugated iron and terrazzo all complement each other whilst creating an inviting space layered with texture and minimal fuss.

Renders by Studio Y.