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Identity Design


Collateral Design


Modest and unpretentious, Tavlin is an authentic Middle Eastern dining experience, incorporating family recipes passed down through generations.


The popular Caulfield establishment approached Studio Y. to rebrand its current store to create a more minimal, bold and sophisticated identity to match the distinct homemade flavours the Israeli restaurant has become renowned for. In its redesign, the Tavlin brand is represented by the Hamsa Hand; an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolising protection and good fortune. The symbol of the hand also reflects the hand-made quality of the food, along with the optimal way of eating the particular delights with one’s hands. The letterforms of the logo have an organic quality, with distinctively Hebrew-inspired flourishes. Paprika and cumin inform Tavlin’s earthy red and yellow colour palette as inspired by the origins of the name Tavlin, which stands for ‘spices’ in Hebrew.